Dr. Chiara D’Amore

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Dr. Chiara D’Amore is the Founder and Executive Director of the Community Ecology Institute, a non-profit working to cultivate communities in which people and nature thrive together. She holds a PhD in Sustainability Education and M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering and is an adjunct faculty at Prescott College, where she teaches courses related to climate change, civic ecology, experiential education, and research design. She worked as an environmental consultant for over 15 years serving clients such as the United Nations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and numerous energy utilities. +

Dr. D’Amore’s work is focused on fostering environmental and social well-being by reconnecting people with the natural environment as well as designing, implementing, and evaluating environmental and educational programs. As a mother, educator, community-builder, activist, artist, writer, and scholar, she is dedicated to helping people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds to lead happier, healthier, more connected and sustainable lives.